Supersonic Wash IS-1K

  • Supersonic Wash IS-1K

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Supersonic Wash - it is easy to operate, professional machine, which supports the companies dealing with cartridge´s regeneration. It is designed for rinsing and removing refuses from waste cartridge. You can smoothly regulate the volume of amplitude oscillations. This wash is the first such device on Polish market. It is the result of interest in branch of alternative solutionsof inkjet printers exploitation.

Technical specification:
  • capacity: 1,0 / 1,6 l
  • dimensions: 150 x 135 x 150 mm
  • generator power max: 95 W
  • generator power min: 20 W
  • heater power: 210 W
  • maximum temperature: 80°C
  • recommended temperature: 60°C
  • frequency: 35 kHz
  • smooth regulation: 10 - 95 W

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